EPC | Design-Build | General Construction

  • ISI is a licensed General Contractor with experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining facilities on 3 continents.
  • We have two-decades of experience with EPC/Design-Build construction projects.
  • We excell at supporting our client during the early development process through to successful project completion.
  • We work side-by-side to provide a full featured solution and excellent customer experience, while maximizing value.
  • Multiple contracting methodologies ensures the client gets a high-value while mitigating risk.
  • Specializing in highly complex Commercial, Industrial, and Data Center projects.

Power: Plants | Distribution | Substations

  • ISI’s Power Services specializes in technologically advanced power generation and distribution projects.
  • Solution is developed specificially for each location and customer application.
  • Project scale ranges from hundreds of kilo-watts up to several hundred mega-watts
  • Offering turn-key solutions from Power Generation to End-User off-take.

Microgrids | Smart Grids

  • Microgird & Smart Grid solutions have many useful applications: power resiliancy, off-grid operations, power security, and more.
  • Microgrids are often centralized serving a single facility or small group of facilities which need to have the ability to operate independently from the utility.  These arrangements often allow for minimizing peak utility tariffs, and even power sales back to the utility.
  • Smart Grids are a distributed network allowing power to be switched from multiple sources and to move power in multiple directions.
    • With multiple power sources and paths, customers can avoid black-outs when localized disruptions are present.
    • Ability to isolate areas with microgrids from the network and provide power to facilities that do not have a seconary power source.
  • Implementation of Smat Grid and Microgrid principles at your facility or campus will provide the most reliable power solutions, preventing costly power outages and production downtimes.

Communications Infrastructure

Inglett & Stubbs International recognizes that reliable, secure, and high-speed communication links are necessary for successful business and military operations worldwide.  Our solutions focus on delivering communications solutions using the latest available metholds and technologies.

  • Various solutions include: Fiber Optic networks, Microwave Transmission systems, Satellite Uplinks
  • Our turn-key solutions provide end-to-end services and include hardware, configuration, and end-user connectivity.