Delivering Turnkey Solutions for Power, Communications,
and Facilities Construction and Management Needs


Inglett & Stubbs International takes pride in our ability to manage projects from start to finish. In order to accomplish this while best serving our customers, ISI performs conceptual design and integration of equipment for each customer’s specific needs.  We then work with a partnered, top-quality design consulting firm to help finalize the design and engineering. This guarantees that our designs meet all the performance standards our customers expect, with the added value of ISI’s technical expertise.


Inglett & Stubbs International offers a turnkey construction solution, which includes general construction, civil, mechanical, electrical, communications, and all other necessary services to provide a complete project. We will manage all aspects of the project, utilizing ISI employees, local labor, or subcontractors to complete the work.


Customers know that sustaining operations is a critical function of business. A loss of power or an equipment failure could end up costing considerable time and revenue. Inglett & Stubbs International boasts a history of operating a range of facilities, from power plants to power grids. This means we can provide our customers peace of mind, while also guaranteeing that the most cost and fuel efficient methods are being used.


Inglett & Stubbs International will continue to maintain equipment after it is furnished and installed, guaranteeing its longevity and efficiency. Our custom adapted maintenance and tracking software automates maintenance schedules and tracks all critical spare parts. This ensures that any piece of equipment can be repaired or maintained in a timely manner, preventing lost time or unexpected costs.