ISI’s has a goal of providing exceptional service to each client on every project.  This is based on principles pushed down from the executives and senior management.  Our philosophy is based on a commitment to quality and a mandate to always do the right thing in every situation, even when it impacts our bottom line.

Our team building approach to every project allows us to suceed at highly complex and technical projects by partenering with known vendors and subcontractors to bring even the most challenging projects to a successful outcome for our clients.


We at Inglett & Stubbs International are committed to conducting our business affairs with honesty and integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in countries in which we operate.

This commitment covers all our relationships, including those with auditors, competitors, customers, agents, employees, governments, public agencies and enterprises, international public organizations, the public, the Company’s owners, subcontractors, and vendors. In keeping with this commitment, neither employees nor others either acting on the Company’s behalf or performing services for the Company shall knowingly conduct business that is not in the full spirit of honest, ethical, and lawful behavior, nor shall any employee cause another individual to act otherwise.

Within this framework of honest, ethical, and lawful behavior, all Company-related business shall solely serve the best interests of the Company. The Company has adopted a strict Code of Business Ethics and Conduct to summarize those activities or relationships that could be considered unethical or illegal or would create a conflict of interest and to provide for the disclosure of such activities.

All officers, directors, employees, vendors, and subcontrators are expected to comply with these standards when representing, acting, or performing services for the Company.


At ISI we maintain a high standard for jobsite safety. All our U.S. field employees have successfully completed the OSHA 30 certifications and Site Safety and Health Officers have achieved the OSHA 500 certification. Our current safety EMR ratis is 0.69 and we have zero recordable incidents on our projects, our safety record speaks for itself.

I&S Group

The Inglett & Stubbs Group is a management owned, US firm, producing projects for a variety of clients including Industrial, Manufacturing, Technology,  Government, and Power.

From our home in Georgia,

We’ve reached the Globe

Inglett & Stubbs was founded in Atlanta as a commercial electrical contractor in 1954, specializing in highly detailed and complex electrical installations. Inglett & Stubbs serves clients primarily in the southeastern United States.

In 2003, ISI was established to support the U.S. Military’s critical need for qualified technicians in Afghanistan.  Since our inception, ISI has expanded to complete construction projects throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the USA. ISI currently focuses on general construciton, power generation, power distribution, data center construction, and industrial development globally.

Inglett & Stubbs Modular is focused on combining large-scale modularized electrical solutions with our knowledge of international logistics to equip projects across the world.