Project Location:

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait


Product Manager Power Projection Enablers (PdM-P2E)

Client Needs and Requirements:

Because of an increase in personnel at Camp Arifjan, the facility’s communications infrasturcture required a major upgrade to include a new Main Communications Facility (MCF) with satellite uplinks. The new communications also needed to connect to several large facilities on the base.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:


  • Camp Arifjan was ISI’s first project in Kuwait, and ramping up a new logistics process, including residency and visa requirements in a new country was a challenge.
  • The ISI logistics team worked tirelessly with local officials to transport equipment and materials into the country, and react rapidly to new and changing information in filing the proper paperwork to begin the project on time.
  • Because PM-DWTS had responsibility for the DKETs, coordination with them was required to ensure proper connectivity.
  • ISI worked closely with the client on extensive surveying to pin-point details of the projects scope, in order to ensure that all aspects of the project were addressed effectively.
  • Certain aspects of the project were provided by third-party contractors, presenting challenges in coordinating schedules for project prerequisites.
  • ISI carefully coordinated all phases of the project with other contractors at the site to ensure deadlines were met for smooth transitions and schedule compliance.


The Results:

Despite several hurdles, ISI completed the tasks within our scope ahead of schedule.  Our team was proactive in helping the customer with critical issues despite the fact that these were outside of our contractual scope.

The Details: