Government of Sierra Leone Submitts Application to U.S. Trade Development Agency for Feasibility Study Grant

13 July, 2020

The Ministry of Energy (MoE) for the Government of Sierra Leone has engaged with Inglett & Stubbs International (ISI) and our development partner Enernet Global (EG) in a MOU for the development and construction of a power plant in southern Sierra Leone.  As part of this process, the MoE has submitted an application to the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) for a Feasibility Study Grant to support the development of the power plant project, and has named Inglett & Stubbs International as the Preferred Provider for this Feasibility Study work.  The review and approval process is expected to take about 3 months and ISI is preparing to start the Feasiblity Study on successful approval of this application by the USTDA.  ISI is working closely with the MoE and the USTDA representatives in western Africa during this process.