Project Location:

Jalalabad, Afghanistan


Product Manager Power Projection Enablers (PdM-P2E)

Client Needs and Requirements:

PdM-P2E required fiber optic connectivity to 99 end-user buildings (EUBs) located around the airfield at FOB Fenty. This included the installation of concrete-encased duct banks, manhole systems, and fiber optic cabling from each building to the area distribution nodes (ADNs).

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

The fiber ring that was to be the backbone for this project was awarded to another contractor. They did not do a very good job, and the project was far behind schedule, and consisted of poorly executed workmanship. That contract was terminated and awarded to ISI for completion, prior to beginning this project.

In addition, some government-furnished equipment was not available from the terminated contract, requiring a contract modification for ISI to supply the necessary materials.

The job site is a fully operational airfield, and all of the EUBs were occupied, requiring extensive coordination and pre-planning to minimize impact to ongoing operations.

The Results:

This project was completed on time and on budget, to satisfaction of the end users and the client.

The Details: