Inglett & Stubbs International implements high efficiency upgrade to Security Lighting.

ISI was awarded the contract for the first phase of the perimeter security lighting upgrade at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, which replaced 1,030 (approximately 50%) of the security lighting around the perimeter of the base.  This project required to upgrade the existing perimeter security lighting which was originally installed in 2006-2008 by ISI.  The existing lighting was failing and had been repaired dozens of times over the years from vandalism from nearby villagers with rifles and slingshots.

The project consisted of designing and procuring LED security lighting that could be integrated into the existing poles and power infrastructure.  ISI worked with a U.S. manufacturer based in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Lighting Lab (WiLL).  WiLL was an amazing partner on this project and worked diligently to help keep the deliveries on schedule even through the COVID-19 pandemic.

ISI was awarded this contract on January 15, 2020 and released the order for the light fixtures immediately to WiLL.  We then began fabrication of the required junction box and mounting brackets needed to convert from the original 1000W Metal Halide fixtures over to the new 358W LED Sports Lights, which use <35% of the energy of the existing fixtures.  As mid-March 2020 arrived and the U.S. began implementing stay-at-home orders, ISI began working with WiLL and our logistics providers to ensure we could meet our obligations for delivery and installation.  This was a continuous management task and ISI’s Project Manager Casey Laws exceeded at the task.  He was assisted by Charles Nies and Mike Moyers with coordination of logistics and transportation issues.  They worked together as a great team and allowed our team in Afghanistan to be successful.  Our team in Afghanistan led by Heath Rider took the fixtures and quickly implemented a plan with the base to systematically replace the existing fixtures.

This project was extremely successful, and this design-build project resulted in completion two-weeks ahead of our period of performance deadline and completed on May 31, 2020.  This project is a huge benefit to the Government, it increases the visibility of the surrounding area due to the improved quality of light projected by the new fixtures, but most of all, it is a huge savings in annual operations cost.  This replacement of 50% of the perimeter lighting is estimated to save the U.S. taxpayers $1.5M USD per year in reduced electricity, power generation costs, and maintenance cost.