Project Location:

Area 82 at Bagram Airfield (BAF), Afghanistan


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Philadelphia District

Client Needs and Requirements:

The U.S. Military required billeting to house twenty personnel in the Area 82 compound at BAF.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

Access to the Area 82 site is very restiricted.  At the beginning of the project tensions with Pakistan were very high, which delayed delivery of the containers, which had to be shipped over land from a sea port in Pakistan to Afghanistan.

ISI maintained close communications with the client to keep them abreast of the delays. Once the containers arrived, ISI worked overtime at our own expense to expedite the completion of the project.

The Results:

 Although the completion of the project was delayed due to circumstances beyond ISI’s control (war-time delays in shipping), ISI completed a high-quality product which meet the client’s expectations.

The Details: