Project Location:

All U.S. Army operations bases in Afghanistan


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Philadelphia District

Client Needs and Requirements:

The U.S. Army maintains 653 fixed equipment assets, installed at 21 bases and camps throughout Afghanistan, as part of the infrastructure of their efforts to maintain peace and safety in the region. These pieces of equipment, ranging from HVAC units to power generators and MTS and UPS units, require inspections, repairs, and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to run efficiently and maintain operations on a 24/7/365 basis.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

With 21 bases scattered throughout the physically rugged and war-torn region, the logistics of moving manpower and repair materials safely and quickly between the locations is a challenge. Also, with the region in political turmoil, the risk of equipment damage due to vandalism and acts of war is high.

Rather than rely on transporting repair materials in critical situations, ISI created and maintains a “critical spare parts” inventory at each location for use in the most common failures in equipment, allowing our repair technicians to react quickly in an emergency.

In addition, to facilitate quick and safe movement of personnel between locations, ISI leverages our onsite logistics team to closely manage these activities in realtime. ISI also manages material movement through building relationships with host nation trucking companies.

The Results:

Maintenance of these bases was very successful, with a regularly scheduled maintenance and repair program that  led to increased equipment reliability.

The Details:

ISI’s highly trained and experienced technicians regularly inspect and maintain the following equipment in the Afghanistan military theater under this contract:

62 ATS 54 UPS
14 Fuel Farms 7 MTS
105 Generators 1 Load Bank
409 HVAC Units
A new contract was establish in October 2013, which services 9 sites with the following equipment:

31 ATS
57 Generators
292 HVAC Units
41 UPS
The following chart details the man hours per Task Order:

25th Signal – Afghanistan
Contact # Task # Award Date Inspection& Repair Hours
W912BU-11-D-0002 107 9/30/2011 108,161.50