Recently, ISI reached out to local Community Relations personnel to see if there was any way to assist nearby villages. They made us aware of the fact that public school is only guaranteed in Tanzania for eight years (Kindergarten through Seventh Grade). During their Seventh-Grade year, a test is administered to all students. Those who pass are accepted into Secondary School (Eighth through Eleventh Grade). Those who do not pass are not allowed to continue with their education. Many of the households in the area near New Luika Gold Mine do not have electricity; therefore, students cannot effectively study or perform school work after darkness sets in each evening.

ISI purchased 200 solar rechargeable LED lanterns to be distributed to Seventh Grade students in five nearby Villages. ISI personnel had the pleasure of traveling to deliver these lights to the students at one school. ISI hopes that providing these resources will help all Seventh Graders pass so they will have the possibility for brighter futures.