Project Location:

Mosul, Iraq

Contingency Operating Base (COB) Q-West


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Philadelphia District

Client Needs and Requirements:

Contingency Operating Base (COB) Q West was expanding, and the existing electrical infrastructure did not meet the growing power demands of the base. In addition, the existing equipment was poorly installed, creating Life, Health, and Safety (LHS) hazards for all military personnel and civilians stationed at the base. The new scope of work required many kilometers of overhead and underground electrical distribuiton at 11kV, 50Hz. to distribute power to the various locations across the base.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

Since this COB was a new location for ISI at the time, the logistics of setting up a new camp and transporting manpower, tools, materials, and equipment to the scene were especially challenging.

Through effective communication and cooperation with the military onsite and our excellent vendor relationships, ISI procured the necessary large bucket trucks, pole auger trucks, and line equipment from the U.S. and successfully moved them into Iraq (no simple feat during the height of the war!) specifically for this project.  This equipment was mobilized on one of the largest air cargo planes in the world directly from Atlanta.

The Results:

ISI sucessfully completed the project to the satisfaction of the client, on time and budget.

The Details: