Project Name:

Israel Power Support BRAVO

Project Location:

Tel Nov Airbase, Israel


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Client’s Scope:

The US Army Corps of Engineers issued an RFP to provide a complete set of generators along with the necessary accessories. The project entailed delivering these units complete with all necessary ancillaries and certifications, ensuring readiness for immediate deployment and integration within the existing base power systems.

Challenges and ISI Response:

Very compressed timeline required very close coordination with manufacturers and logistics providers.

The Result:

The customer received all products on time.

The Details:

Under the stringent timelines, ISI effectively managed the procurement, testing, and delivery of essential power generation equipment. This included several high-capacity generators and strategically planned logistics from the point of manufacture to the final site. The project adhered to all specified international standards and the rigorous requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers, ensuring a successful delivery meeting the client’s timeline.