Custom and Smart Grid Construction and Integration

Inglett & Stubbs International is committed to providing the best power solution possible for customers. As technology improves, the feasibility of implementing microgrids and smart grids becomes more and more practical.

Microgrids are power grids centralized in one location, such as a single facility or a small compound, which have the ability to operate independently from the utility. Customers may choose to implement a microgrid in order to reduce their need for utility power and increase reliability. In some instances, facilities utilizing microgrids are even able to sell power back to a utility company.

Smart Grids are a distribution network in which power may be switched in multiple directions in order to avoid an outage. By giving the power multiple paths to follow, customers are able to avoid total loss of power in an area during a localized disruption. The Smart Grid utilizes localized microgrid installations and enhanced controls to support the entire power grid infrastructure.  The ability to isolate areas with microgrids from the main utility allows the overall grid to become more stable, provide better reliability, and operate in the most efficient manner.

Implementing Smart Grid and Microgrid solutions at your facility or campus will provide the most reliable power solutions, preventing costly power outages and production downtime. For more information regarding Inglett & Stubbs International’s Microgrid and Smart Grid options, please contact Brent, our Technical Development Manager.