Customer focusedFacility Management and Operations &Maintenance
Programs that keep Facilities Operating at Maximum Capacity

ISI provides Operations and Maintenance, Management, Inspection and Repairs, and all Electrical Services for customer facilities as needed. These services include the full-time monitoring and review of customer equipment and data reporting systems, ensuring maximum uptime and the prevention of equipment failure costs and downtime. Furthermore, ISI supports the use of Alternative Energy sources, and will perform Energy Efficient Upgrades upon request.

ISI has developed proprietary software for use on all of our O&M and repair programs to improve tracking and data for our customers, including on-line:

  • Work order-based inspections
  • Work order-based repairs
  • Equipment inventory and tracking system
  • Repair and maintenance cost tracking per piece of equipment
  • Repair and maintenance history per piece of equipment

For more information regarding our Facilities and O&M capabilities, please contact Brent, our Technical Development Manager.