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The two greatest strengths of ISI define their entire performance: flexibility and professionalism. Operating in a contingency environment such as Afghanistan requires a certain level of flexibility not observed in most contractors. Added to that, the Special Operations needs and requirements practically changed on a daily basis - adding a unique and complex level of agility that truly set this contractor apart. Throughout all of that ambiguity, employees throughout the ranks maintained complete composure and were always ready and willing to jump into any task. Above the rest, the Program Manager not only stayed calm and collected, he had the ability to soothe others around him, cut through the fog, and lead everyone to quick solutions. I believe his attitude and character are indicative of most, if not all, of the employees in ISI.

Truly superb performance.

My thoughts on contractors were limited experiences of my friends and highlights from CNN. I had read about rampant corruption, lack of integrity, and poor work ethic.


My experiences with ISI have been completely to the contrary… You bring skilled, industrious workers into an austere environment in order to make it safer for the boys out here fighting the harder fight. You have built a culture in your company that drives mission completion and go miles out of the way – oftentimes at expense to your company – to successfully complete the mission with first-time quality and on schedule. It is inspiring.”

Mathew Reichl, LT MIL USA,


August 2012

Without a doubt, in my forty years of Government service, Inglett & Stubbs has been, far and away, the best contractor I have ever worked with. This firm has my highest possible recommendation for award of any contract.  This is a 'go-to' firm when something needs to be done."

William A. Bailey

Worldwide Program Manager USACE Power Support (RET)

Nicholas J. Lauritzen, MSG, USA

Operations Sergeant

April 2012

While operating within the Baghak Region it was comforting to know that the base was being correctly wired and sustained electrically... As a veteran of Afghanistan and having been on rotation to this country six times, I can honestly say that this was the best support I have received."

General Petraeus presents Coin for Excellence to
ISI TF IRONMAN team member – May 2011

Inglett & Stubbs International (ISI) has provided the Intelligence Community truly outstanding support in the last two plus years we have been in operation here at Bagram Air Field.  They have distinguished themselves above their peers by exceptional performance in both routine and emergency work. During this time period they repeatedly demonstrated extraordinary leadership and technical expertise in all aspects of their work, thereby enhancing the readiness and capabilities for Area 82.

Due to their superior work and reliability we repeatedly rely on them for very technical and demanding work tied to classified and very sensitive intelligence operation. ISI’s dedication to quality, pride in all they do, and commitment to excellence are truly commendable and worth of emulation and veneration.  The Intelligence Community could not perform the missions we do without the superior support, outstanding leadership, and dedication of ISI’s very talented workforce.”

Michael J. Peffers, COL, EN

ICC HQ Commandant

January 2011

Junge Wolfgang, MAJ

657th ASG, DPW Base Engineering

July 2007


You and your folks have been a great help to us. Contractors like yourselves work side by side with us daily doing the same mission, but not necessarily are you given the same patriotic credit as us in uniform. You are all patriots in our eyes and we feel fortunate to have worked with you.”

Inglett & Stubbs International (ISI) has a superb reputation within the electrical community, especially in the Iraq Theater of Operations. ISI has proven that they have the resources and knowledge to perform and succeed in the harshest of conditions. ISI performances under contract O912BU-09-C-0008 validate the above statements and in my personal opinion place ISI as the leading electrical contractor in Iraq.


The personnel of ISI have been outstanding; everyone from the line-man to the management team seem attentive to the customer’s requirements and concerns. Each one displays a commitment to quality work and a product that meets the intent of the customer’s scope of work. ISI has assembled 300 years of combined electrical experience for this task order alone, demonstrating a level of competency few companies in Iraq possess. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with these fine professionals once again.”

David E. Beeson, SFC, USA

Prime Power Supervisor

August 2009

Certificate of Appreciation from Special Forces – December 2009

Presented by a
U.S. Marine Two Star General
for excellent performance on June 29, 2011

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