Project Name:

AJ Zone 6 & 7 Perimeter Lighting

Project Location:

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Client’s Scope:

ISI designed and installed a permanent lighting system and backup power connections for Camp Arifjan’s Zone 6 and Zone 7 perimeters. The client’s requirements included conducting a site survey, developing plans for lighting and power connections, and supplying new transformers, transfer switches, LV panels, and LED fixtures mounted on 10m poles. ISI also constructed concrete footings for light poles, ensured compliance with lighting standards, coordinated power connections, ran underground power lines, and tested all installed lights. The project included automatic operation of lights with photosensors, connecting guard towers to the new electrical system, and providing administrative support and housing for personnel.

Challenges and ISI Response:

This was an extremely aggressive period of performance for a design build contract. This involved submitting a full set of engineered plans that were designed to UFC/NEC/IEC/MEW specifications, procuring equipment (transfer switches, panels, transformers, US manufactured LED stadium style fixtures) from multiple international locations, over 23,684 feet of LV/MV cabling infrastructure within 240 days from notice to proceed.

The Result:

The project was successfully installed and commissioned within the period of performance.

The Details:

ISI, under a MATOC contract, designed and installed a complete lighting and backup power system for Zones 6 and 7 at Camp Arifjan. The project included a site survey, installation of new lighting fixtures and equipment, concrete footings, and buried power lines. Automatic controls with photosensors were implemented, and existing guard towers were connected to the new system. ISI provided secure housing and administrative support, ensuring efficient and secure project completion.