Project Name:

New Luika Gold Mine HFO Power Station Operations, Maintenance, and Training

Project Location:

Saza, Tanzania


Shanta Mining Company Limited (Shanta Gold)

Client Needs and Requirements:

Shanta Mining Company Limited (SMCL) is a publicly traded gold producer trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market. As SMCL continued to develop the New Luika Gold Mine in Western Tanzania, the installation of a lower cost, highly available power source was required to reduce the energy cost and improve the overall mining operational costs.  This was competively tendered and awarded to Inglett & Stubbs International and construction was completed in January 2017. ISI was contracted to Operate and Maintain the  Fuel Oil (HFO) fired Power Station for a period of three years and train the client’s future O&M staff to take over the duties being performed by ISI’s team.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

One of the challenges for ISI and Shanta was to mix cultures and work ethics and still have positive results. ISI hired local residents, gained their trust and then train them in all aspects of O&M for the plant, with the ultimate goal to operate efficiently and still meet the electrical demands of the mine site. Another challenge we faced was an existing electrical infrastructure in need of upgrades. We were able to advise SMCL and guide them to the updates of the existing infrastructure which ultimately led to higher availability of the distribution lines and ultimately power delivered across the mine site.

The Results:

ISI was successful at training the local employees and SMCL management staff regarding the maintenance and operations of the power station.  This successful result allowed SMCL to take over the O&M 13-months earlier than projected.

The Details:

During the time that ISI was the O&M Contractor we maintained a greater than 99.9% availabilit of the HFO Power Station, while continuing to train our local resident employees. This allowed SMCL to take over the O&M 13-months earlier than originally contracted.