Why Choose ISI?

Commitment, Experience, Success…
  • Commitment to Quality in Everything We Do

    ISI’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our services.  Our focus is to provide each customer with the quality products and services expected.  Our corporate attitude and philosophy is to always do what is right, even when it impacts our bottom line.

  • The Latest Innovations in Power Generation

    At ISI, we have our ear to the ground, constantly searching for the latest technological innovations in power generation and energy storage. Keeping up with progress in the industry ensures that we design the very best and most efficient solution for each clients’ unique needs.

  • Procurement & Logistics Expertise

    ISI’s procurement and logistics services are the backbone of our ability to successfully execute our commitments on time and on budget.  Our experience in procuring products from global suppliers and delivering them to war-torn locations provides our customers with the confidence that we can complete projects anywhere in the world.

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Team

    ISI’s team of managers and technicians are all highly certified and experienced in their respective fields.  With a decade of experience in challenging environments, we are constantly sharpening our knowledge and skills to perform worldwide projects successfully and on time …every time.

  • Proven Success with Highly Technical and Complex Projects

    ISI has designed, constructed, operated, and managed highly complex power generation and distribution systems in extremely formidable locations. Our proven ability to successfully deliver challenging solutions for a wide variety of needs gives our customers the confidence that we can handle even the most challenging projects.