Project Name:

Camp Buehring SSB 14-18 LV Connections 

Project Location:

Camp Buehring, Kuwait


U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers

Client’s Scope:

ISI successfully executed Project FY23-006 AMD-02 at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, under a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC). The project involved terminating and connecting five substations to various loads across the camp, enhancing the camp’s electrical grid infrastructure and reducing dependency on spot generation. As part of the MATOC framework, ISI conducted thorough site surveys, created a comprehensive construction schedule, and coordinated with the COTR for all planning and material reviews. The work included site preparation, load calculations, equipment installation, trench excavation, and demolition of existing switchgear. All tasks were completed in compliance with safety and local regulations, ensuring reliable power distribution for the camp.

Challenges and ISI Response:

This project required outage coordination with multiple entities that included USACE, DPW, LOGCAP, Power Plant, and end-users. Careful consideration and initial preparation was carefully planned to minimize outages and ensure no affects to current on-going operations.

The Result:

ISI successfully completed all work ahead of schedule and within budget.

The Details:

The Camp Buehring SSB 14-18 LV Connections’ project successfully linked five substations to optimize power distribution across Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Designed to support the Master Planning 2030 vision, the project aimed to reduce reliance on inefficient spot generators, thus cutting down fuel and maintenance costs. Despite challenging conditions with temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit, the team ensured compliance with all standards and completed the project within the designated performance period.