Project Name:

Bagram Airfiled (BAF) CTG-01 Turbine Engine Overhaul

Project Location:

Bagram Airfield (BAF), Afghanistan


Kaiyuh Services LLC (KSL) under contract from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Philadelphia District

Client Needs and Requirements:

Solar Turbine #1 (CTG#1) reached it’s 30,000-hour mark, which required an engine exchange. KSL was contracted by USACE (Philadelphia District) to perform this work and in-turn subcontracted ISI for turn-key services. Those turn-key services included the procurement, delivery, and installation of a new (or zero hour overhauled) Titan 130 (15MW) engine from Solar Turbines and return of the 30,000 hour engine back to Solar Turbines.

Challenges and ISI’s Response:

The contract had a 98-day period of performance and the contract was completed within 75-days. Logistics for this engine utilized multi-modal means (ground, sea, air) moving a large (25,000 lb) engine, which required multiple layers of coordination to meet schedule.

The Results:

This work was completed ahead of schedule and on budget with no physical disruptions or power interruptions to Bagram Airfield.

The Details:

Procurement of one Titan 130 refurbished engine, shipping from DeSoto, TX to Bagram Airfield, AFG, removal of existing engine, installation & commissioning of new engine, crating & shipping of old engine from Bagram Airfield, AFG to DeSoto, TX, and coordination of the movement of tools and personnel from Solar Turbines to site for commissioning efforts.